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Produits pour artistes, pigments historiques et modernes, matériaux de peinture, laques naturelles, huiles, pinceaux, outils, littérature spécialisée, toiles et beaucoup plus vous sera plus facilement accessible grâce à la nouvelle structuration de notre page web. Nous vous encourageons à la parcourir et à découvrir les trèsors oubliés des vieux maîtres.

“C’est seulement là où la qualité historique et chromatique d’un pigment entre en résonance avec les autres pigments du tableau que la beauté peut jaillir de la couleur.”
(Dr. Kremer)

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Spring News April 2016

We present our choice of new product highlights!

Spring News from the Color-Mill

We present you new Pigments, Mediums, Binders, Solvents, Plant-Watercolors, Wall Paints, Linen, Canvas Frames, Brushes, Tools and Books. Be inspired by our spring news and immerse yourself in the world of colorful pigments and new opportunities for working techniques.

More Information: Spring News

All new products can also be found in our Onlineshop

Cremona Mondomusica

Cremona Mondomusica

30. Septembre – 02. Octobre 2016, Cremona, Italy

Cremona Mondomusica, the International Exhibition of Handcrafted Musical Instruments, is the most qualified worldwide Exhibition of the sector. It is the most important meeting point and a chance for confrontation among the professionals of the sector.
Cremona is internationally recognized as the homeland of violin making. It is the birthplace of Masters like Antonio Stradivari, the Amati families and Guarneri, the best luthiers ever existed.
Cremona has been able to keep alive over the centuries its musical tradition unique in the world and promote it at the Cremona Mondomusica Exhibition.

We look forward meeting you in hall 2.

Newsletter from the Colormill

Newsletter from the Colormill

Find lots of information about products and recipes in our Newsletter from the Colormill! Simply register at:

The latest edition of the Newsletter informs about the following topics:
● Cinnabar
● Spring News from the Color-Mill
● Lutea Plant-Watercolors
● Kremer Pigmente at AIC Annual Meeting
● Paper Adhesive made of plant starch



European Illustrated Glossary of Conservation Terms for Wall Paintings and Architectural Surfaces

English definitions with translations into Bulgarian, Croatian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. Edited by Angela Weyer, Pilar Roig Picazo, Daniel Pop, JoAnn Cassar, Aysun Özköse, Jean-Marc Vallet, Ivan Srša.

pigments de notre production

Nous avons un espace de vente à Aichstetten. Ces pigments sont de notre production.

Index des produits, Kremer Pigmente, 2011

You can find further information on our English or German website, such as Recipes, Pictures of the color mill, Courses and many more.

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